Frequently Asked Questions

Please also see our general information section, and rowing training and squad information.

What’s the PHRC culture like?

Committed, fun, and inclusive. We like to win, but we also like to enjoy ourselves while we do it. We take our rowing seriously, but ourselves slightly less so. We’re professional rowers, who respect our club, equipment, members, competitors, and ourselves. We’re dedicated to our training, and to our team mates. As our members aptly put it,  “Power House is not a ‘House’, it’s a home”. #GoHouse

I’ve never rowed before, can I still join?

Yep! We run a Learn to Row program. Welcome to the wonderful world of rowing. You won’t regret it.

I’ve rowed before, but I’m out of practice, can I join?

Of course! We’d love to have you along to a training session to build your skills among our existing members. Don’t worry, we’re all friendly and patient, and many of us have previously been in your position.

What membership tiers do you have?

We have Senior (general), Associate, Student, Coxswain, and Alumni tiers. Please see the membership page for more information.

Do you take coxes?

Yes! We love coxes, they’re amazing humans. Come join us!

When do you train, and how often?

We formally train on water three times per week, in the evenings. Members elect which squad sessions they can attend, but are strongly encouraged to commit to all sessions. Off-water training is more flexible to availability, but there are dedicated club evenings for Men and Women where erg and gym equipment is given priority to a squad. Please see rowing training and squad information for more details.

Where do you train?

On the Yarra River, down near Toorak. We train both downstream towards the city and Docklands, and upstream towards Hawthorn.

Does your club sweep or scull?

Both! We like to be flexible with our crews. If you haven’t tried, come and learn with us!

Do I have to race?

No, however we are a competitive squad who encourages participation from all members. Racing gives our crews goals to work towards, and are also very fun club events with social components after racing.

What boats do you race?

We have top-notch singles, doubles, pairs, fours and quads (coxed and coxless), and eights. We recently updated our fleet, and our boats are light, fast, and a dream to row!

When are regattas, and how often are they?

In the racing season, there are official regattas almost every weekend. Power House decides focus regattas at the beginning of a season, and will work towards attending those selected events. Regattas are most often on the Yarra River, in Nagambie, Geelong, or in Ballarat.

Check out our regatta calendar for more info.

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